The Inklings is a kinship that enjoys PvE and PvP content nightly. Our mission on Nexus is to explore every meter of its terrain, uncover all of its mysteries, and launch an assault on any foe that we encounter.

To join us, mail an officer or join our circle - The Inklings

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  • Engineer: Dradis
  • Esper: Wise
  • Medic: Belroar
  • Spellslinger: Open
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Big Announcement Today

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The Inklings Earn Gold

[L] Wise a posted Feb 7, 15

Extra Life Awarded The Inklings Kin Gold for the funds it raised in 2014.

The Phoenix Children's Hospital also sent a Thank You!

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates; Apology, Plato

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